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Healthy Eating

Cute Girl Eating Apple

Lunch Club

We have a daily Lunch Club from 12-12.30. 

Our Staff each their lunch with the children, to help and encourage them.


We ask Parents/Carers to provide a Healthy Balanced Packed lunch box

We are a Nut Free Zone

Snack Time

We provide a balanced Snack in the Morning and in the Afternoon

We can meet any dietary requirements please discuss this with the Pre-School Manager


Cooking Activities

We like to do Cooking activities with our Children and try to promote healthy choices.

There are of course other times in the year when our Children may come home with a delicious goodie they may have made in School! 

We cater for all dietary requirements 

Special Treats

Of course we all like a treat sometimes.....If it is your Child's Birthday we like to sing Happy Birthday in the group and offer the Children a little Chocolate treat* to celebrate.


*alternatives are available for any dietary requirements

If you would rather your child did not participate please speak to the Pre-School Manager

Happy Birthday Cake
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